• Watertours / Canoe tours

    Our canoe tours for 4-7-8 people require no previous experience. We provide life jackets and, oars for everyone and it  is obligatory to use them.

    Our discovery tours are guided by biology professionals who have deep knowledge of  the environment of the lake and will give short talks about the points of interest. Following the tours, you can take part in a short quiz game on your  new knowledge about the Lake. As a reward postcards are given for the successful responsive on our guided tours ( not on the GPS tours).

  • Scheduled boats

    Our boats run on a fixed schedule in the pre- and post season and in the main season. Our boats depart from Agárd, Gárdony, Pákozd-Szúnyog-island and Velence. On board the natural world of Lake Velence can be perfectly observed.

    The Lake Velence timetable of scheduled boat routes for 2014 can be downloaded from here

    Tickets are sold on board.

  • Excursions

    In the pre- and post season half-hour long trips run from Pákozd (Szúnyog-island).

    In the main season trips depart from Agárd, Pákozd-Szúnyog-island, Velence and Gárdony.  There are daily and twilight excursions.

  • Rent a boat

    If you wish to do more than the scheduled trips or you just simply want to have only your family or friends on board, than renting a boat is the best solution for you. In case of groups it is also worth to consider the possibility that renting a boat can provide you with a higher quality service at a lower price.

  • Bicycles

    For cyclists our boats can provide a great opportunity to have some rest. It is worth taking a trip on board our Agárd-Pákozd (Szúnyog-island) or Gárdony-Pákozd (Szúnyog-island) boats to vary your programme and then continue your tour on bicycle after some relaxation on the boat.

  • Floating islands on Lake Velence

    Few know that the widest floating marsh of Central Europe can be found on Lake Velence. The turf bogs of the island like areas serve as sanctuary for rare plants.

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